Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“Will you consider including synchronous tools in your future EFL classroom in Saudi Arabia? Will there be any drawbacks?”


 I think yes I will use synchronous tools in my future EFL classroom because of, Language learning is a process that involves two basic concepts: language and communication. Most language teachers know how difficult it is to get students to use language in class like this I think synchronous tools will help me to achieve my goal to make my student able to communicate with other and to love learning foreign language. Also I will use these tools for various reasons. One major use of these synchronous applications is in conjunction with my class or event while at school or in conjunction with my class in non-school times. Bringing in virtual visitors, experts or other educators to my school in this way allows my classroom or district to go global. In my opinion there are no drawbacks for using synchronous tools in Saudi Arabia.    

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students.

  Blogs has had an influence on my students as it makes writing and speaking more interesting and fun.
   Wikis for ESL class as a way to introduce information and give assignments, display student work, and provide students an opportunity to collaborate with other students learning English in building their own "class wiki" project.  ESL students are currently collaborating with a university EFL class from Mexico to write about themselves and their interests. Every student in both classes has his or her own wiki page which they are responsible for. The students work on their own pages but also read and make comments on the pages of students from the other school.
   Delicious is a social bookmarking tool that we can use to organize and share our bookmarks. It's the fact that your bookmarks are exclusively valuable to you personally, regardless of whether they are socially shared.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Application of Bax Normilasation in Saudi Arabia: The how!"

 Stephan Bax argues that, "Our aim should be to attain a state of `normalisation' in which the technology is invisible and truly integrated"

CALL was divided into three phases which are "behaviouristic", "communicative" and "integrative". Despite that, Steven changed the term "phases" into "approaches". He said that they were not in three different histrical times so they should not be called "phases". After that, he started to change the whole names of the three approaches. First, he changed the "behaviouristic approach" into the" restricted approach" because he believed that this term is more accurate. Second, he called the "communicative CALL" as the "open CALL" because it is open to all the dimensions. Third, he made the "integrative CALL" becomes the "integrated CALL" and the reason is he thinks that it represents a goal to which we should be working. After that, Steven stated that we did not reach "normalisation" yet. He said that we will reach that point when technology becomes a part of our daily life that is not invisible to us such as anything else that we got used to it in our daily routine. That way, we may say that technologies are "normalised".

    Mainly, we Saudis use computers a lot. We have a good idea about technology. I believe we are able to include technology in our education since we have all the factors and materials to make such a technological educational environment. However, technology is still mostly not used in our education. Learning is still based on the teacher's traditional way of controlling. We have a very small number of schools, mostly private ones, which use computers or technological devices in teaching. This lead me to the fact that it is very difficult to apply the idea of "normalisation" in Saudi Arabia. I believe we need a lot of stages to develop. This development may take years, or even more. Moreover, the ideas of the teachers must be changed as a whole. teachers must take the first step towards "normalisation" by using technology even in the very basic way, as a beginning of the development. In conclusion, I strongly believe that we may apply Bax's idea of "normalisation" one day. All what we have to do is working on developing our selves and have faith in our abilities.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Who am I ?

Hi everyone..

My name is Bayan Al-Shareef.I am graduated student of applied linguistics.I am
single.I live with my family. I come from Yanbu.I have 4brothers and 3sisters.

My hobby is drawing and I love to spend my time on reading romantic novels.