Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“Will you consider including synchronous tools in your future EFL classroom in Saudi Arabia? Will there be any drawbacks?”


 I think yes I will use synchronous tools in my future EFL classroom because of, Language learning is a process that involves two basic concepts: language and communication. Most language teachers know how difficult it is to get students to use language in class like this I think synchronous tools will help me to achieve my goal to make my student able to communicate with other and to love learning foreign language. Also I will use these tools for various reasons. One major use of these synchronous applications is in conjunction with my class or event while at school or in conjunction with my class in non-school times. Bringing in virtual visitors, experts or other educators to my school in this way allows my classroom or district to go global. In my opinion there are no drawbacks for using synchronous tools in Saudi Arabia.    

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